"Providing quality tourism services with the highest levels of efficiency seeking the satisfaction of all our customers through the process of continuous improvement of quality and productivity, the best SGC continuous and ongoing monitoring of compliance with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 from its SGC, through active participation of trained staff and constant training”.


• The improvement and continuous innovation of its services by setting new standards of excellence for the tourism industry

• Support the development of Sucre contributing to increased the tourist visits and its length of stay in the city.

• Respect and protect the environment

* The continued growth of the agency and its high levels of rentabilidad.ca and time of your stay in the city.


Provide in our tourist services the personalized, qualified, friendly assistance and guaranteed safety, satisfying the requirements of all our clients, exceeding their expectations at all times, with the best ratio of value - market price.


* Always satisfy customer expectations and strive to overcome them.

* Concentrate all our processes and activities to the satisfaction of the demands of our customers.

* Provide a personalized and thoughtful to all our customers.

* Always consider that our work is only justified if we serve our customers who are the reason for Joy Ride Turismo.

* Ensure the quality of all the tours we offer to our customers